Treatment Program

Treatment Program

What do most overweight people want? Most overweight people want a way to lose weight and be able to look better, be more active and stay healthy. There are hundreds of weight loss programs in Sydney that do not give results or may give temporary results.

Millions of dollars are spent on food supplements, pills etc. to no avail. Why? We analyzed the situation and found out a startling truth – basically no food supplement or weight reduction pill manufacturer wants you to lose weight. They just want money and lots of it. They want you to continue spending money on “never before” products. But here at Gastric Band Hypnosis, we do not offer false promises with fancy names. We offer a range of weight loss programs in Sydney that actually work.

We are offering a wide range of mind and body solutions to help you break free from your eating addictions and lead a healthy, happy life. With hypnotherapy, you will be able to keep your weight under control. The program that we have designed is a complete one. It focuses on your body as well as mind. It makes you feel full and reduces your cravings for more food.(*)

Unlike many other weight loss programs in Sydney, we use hypnosis and special mind techniques. This reprograms your subconscious to replace your usual thoughts about food with new ones. Hypnosis is a very calm and pleasant state in which, we infuse new thoughts, beliefs and ideas that would help you abstain from fattening foods. After the therapy, you will find yourself less attracted to food and you will not feel any hunger pain, anxiety or stress. However, we don’t let your body compromise with its nutritional needs. We make sure that your body gets the complete nutrition it needs.

You can choose the level of support you want with our weight loss programs in Sydney. Because people are very different each person will need a different level of support. You can start from a six session package and if you feel you need more support and more time to achieve you goal you can add our 3 months, 6 months or one year packages. When you buy our sessions as a package you can enjoy highly discounted rates.

We also provide assistance through phone and email for your maximum convenience.

We offer 3, 6 or 12 months programs.

To find out more call to book a no obligation free “Stay Slim Forever” Coaching Session:

During this powerful one on one coaching session we will work together to:

=>Create a crystal clear vision for the ideal life you’ll be living in your
new, slim, sexy, & confident body.

=> Uncover hidden challenges that may be sabotaging your weight loss
efforts and keeping you fat.

=> Leave this session renewed, inspired, and ready to finally lose all of
the weight you want- once and for all.

To do an actual gastric band operation costs $10,000 – $14,000 this program will only cost you small fraction of this cost without the pain and side effects.

(*) Results may vary from person to person.